Speed Training Running Drag Parachute.

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texture of material: polyester fiber
Style: Drag Parachute

Material: Polyester

Diameter: about 56-inch

adjustable waist: about 20-42 inches

Includes: 1pcs running parachute+1pcs portable bag

Function: resistance training, improving explosiveness, speed and core strength

1. The parachute can be adjusted to provide resistance so that it can provide resistance according to the different needs of different individuals.  

2. The parachute body is lightweight and with the outer bag, is easy to be carried.

3. High-level professional athletes can wear two or more simultaneous resistance parachute for special training.

4. Depending on the different speed, the chute can offer 5-15 kg (11 to 33 pounds) of resistance power.

5. The belt can be adjusted for a variety of user bodies